I try to be a wedding photographer that I myself would like to have had, so when I put together packages I take into consideration what creative brides may like and what they might like to organise themselves. I provide high-resolution images on memory sticks to all of my couples, so they’re able to print and share their photos as they wish, with the option to order custom-designed albums if they would like them too.photographer wedding albums 

After much hunting and sampling, I finally came across a book company whose product I loved and whose service was unrivalled. They allow me complete flexibility in album design and provide a simply beautiful, matte and digitally-printed album on fine art paper, with a really beautiful texture. Apart from your husband or wife, there really isn’t a better keepsake from your wedding day – a bound heirloom for you to cherish in the many years to come.
 wedding albums uk
If you are interested in having a Fine Art wedding album designed by me, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.
  • Chris Barber Media said:

    the personalised CD covers are awesome, but who did those books? they're something else!

  • Hannah said:

    I like what you've done with the discs-can't wait for ours come the summer time and I might need to speak to you about albums for the parents too!

  • Joseph said:

    Nice wrap cover and simple design.. do you design for couples you havent shot?

  • Wellies and Vogue said:

    oh this all looks amazing.. I love your attention to detail. you also have beautiful handwriting!

    woop woop very excited that this is going to be me! x

  • claudine said:

    the books are beautiful chloe, i have seen loads of wedding books and yours are by far my favourite, i love the simple layout and the name of the couple and their wedding date on the spine!

  • Caught the Light said:

    Thanks everyone, for lovely comments!

    Wellies & Vogue-I couldn't be more excited about your wedding. I'm even going to learn the art of the tilt-shift especially!

    Claudine-you're too lovely; thank you.

    Chris Barber Media-Album Epoca; they do a good variety too.

  • Ella said:

    Can i have a copy of the book please - it looks great!! :-)

  • Caught the Light said:

    Of course Ella! You could have this one, but I'm a bit too attached! I'll email you and we'll work out which photos you'd like in your spreads.

  • Wellies and Vogue said:

    Oh please learn.. tilt shift looks amazing.. even though both Oli and I might spend the whole day watching you take photos and wanting to learning how to do it!

    i'm so excited!

  • Ruby Schuman said:

    What lovely cd cases. our photos came in a blank case and it was so disappointing even though the photos were beautiful.

  • JasonG said:

    I love the attention to detail that you show on the little things. I particularly like your presentation of the discs. You could almost frame them!

  • Love these CD cases, how do you print these? Very nice photography!

  • Louise said:

    Loving the DVD covers, they are so different! do you mind me asking who does those for you?

  • Chloé said:

    Hello Louise, I don't mind you asking at all! I design my DVD covers myself. I wanted something visual when you get your images on disc, so it works quite nicely in that respect, if I do say so myself!

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  • Mamad M said:

    Love the packaging Chloe. Truly talented in many ways!

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