If you’re looking for a wedding magazine to read this weekend, could I recommend this one?
Ella & Sam made it into Cosmopolitan Bride’s June/July issue. It’s so exciting to see some of my photos in print in an actual magazine I’ve bought before. Thanks so much to Miranda & Cathy at Cosmo-who are most lovely.
Have a great weekend-I plan to spend it be buried under a mountain of editing!
  • britpopbaby said:

    I went out and brought it today and threw it in front of my mother! Great to be able to show the internet reluctant your work in print. x Susie W.

  • Ruby said:

    This is very cool! It is a cute wedding and suits such a cute magazine.

  • Hannah JR said:

    What a very handsome couple. They look so darling together and I love the surprise theme too!

  • dognbird said:

    How wonderful and well deserved! Congrats!

  • JasonG said:

    Definitely a magazine with a good eye for great photography!