I met Sanchia three years ago, working as a hairdresser in Camden. She was the first hairdresser to tell me that my thick and unruly hair was actually beautiful and instantly, we were friends. Together, Sanchia & Richard are a truly fantastic couple; large-hearted, vivacious and very, very stylish, so I was privileged to photograph their intimate garden ceremony in Cape Town, South Africa whilst there on holiday last month.
This is Oupa-he’s 93 years old, survived world war II and
the entire family adores him.

Thank you Sanch & Rich for a beautiful time in Cape Town. I love you both.

I have lots to blog in the upcoming weeks; my new wedding album, a beautiful Danish wedding and engagement sessions galore. I’ll keep you posted!
  • serena said:

    What beautiful portraits in all that gorgeous light. I absolutely adore the shots of Oupa, especially the B&W ones. They brought a tear to my eye! Those old, wise, loving wrinkly hands... Wonderful Chloe. x

  • Debs Ivelja said:

    These are so lovely Chloe! What a wonderful, intimate, full of love wedding. You can see so much awesome-ness in each and everyone there!

  • hello poppet said:

    lovely as ever and how good do those sausages look? mmmn.

    can't wait to see the dk shots. my MOH lives in the dk and will be joining us back in the uk in 5 weeks for our big day. cripes!

  • Anonymous said:

    Photo's are brilliant thanks Chloe ...

    we cant wait to see them all...and thanks again for capturing our special day ...

    you really captured the mood and feeling of the day ...

    Richard & Sanchia

  • Helen said:

    There is just so much love and happiness in these photos.

  • Caught the Light said:

    Thanks everyone-it was such a beautiful afternoon. I have always been a bit too soft on the inside, but I actually welled-up quite a bit editing this one. Such beautiful families take quite beautiful photos if I say so myself.

  • Jodie Chapman said:

    Those shots of Oupa are gorgeous - I really want to meet him! This wedding has a lovely feel and you captured it beautifully. If I ever have an anniversary bbq, not only will you be there drinking champers, but I'll be sneakily getting you to photograph EVERYTHING!!

  • JasonG said:

    What a great evening it was and looking at these beautiful images has brought back some great memories, especially the dancing! Has anyone heard of Steve Hofmeyr?

  • Brosnan Photographic said:

    What a cute couple! I am sure they are thrilled with these photos!

  • Laura Lawson said:

    There is so much emotion in these images...beautiful.