It’s memories like these of last summer’s weddings, that bring a smile to my face. Remembering the sunshine and smiles and feeling very grateful that my job is to photograph people enjoying themselves, laughing and joking and sharing a celebration. Miki & Tom had brunch with their friends and family at The Bastide near Cannes, France and it was rather splendid.

There were a lot of people being hurled into the pool on this roasting hot day and rumour quickly spread that I too was going in, so I quietly crept back to the tipi…

Miki & Tom were an absolute treat to photograph-just wait until you see their beautiful wedding in Cannes, up next. Both of these days were planned by my favourite French wedding planner of all time, the amazing Kerry Bracken.

2012 started off with a bang in Sydney, spent with my first bride and groom of the year. Their intimate weddings in Byron Bay and Bangalow were perfection and a beautiful reflection of their unique personalities… There’s more to come on those soon.

This year is shaping up to be quite fantastic with some lovely local weddings in London, a wedding on the Amalfi coast, some more pre-wedding photos in Paris and a couple of weddings in Provence, a weekend at an astounding wedding in Spain, the longheld dreams of a possible wedding in Paris and a wedding in Ibiza, a trip back to Stockholm for a very special Swedish wedding, a wedding in Croatia and another few weddings in France and Tuscany, all before the beginning of autumn. Passports at the ready, we’re feeling very lucky indeed.


  • Pretty sensational! Great vibe in the photos.

  • Gorgeous photography! Love the lavender all the way down the table!:)

  • Dominique said:

    Sigh, that looks like so much fun! You captured the atmosphere perfectly, as you always do. Looking forward to seeing their wedding. xx

  • Delia said:

    I love it! Can't wait to see the wedding photographs, hope you had a good time in Australia and HongKong. x

  • Lisa Pires said:

    oh dear Chloé, did you know today is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year for winter blues! These photos capture summer so well, I just can't wait for it to arrive now! xx

  • You must be so bored of my gushing at you by now but, wow. There is so much light and airiness in these images, Chloé. Stunning.

  • Tenielle said:

    I feel like I've taken the most amazing vacation after gazing at these beautiful photos. I love the sheer joy of people that shines through your images. Cannot wait to see this stunning wedding, Divine!!!

  • Cara said:

    You do play with the beautiful people don't you? And by 'play' I mean 'clearly work your ass off. You amazing photographer you.'