Kate & Tom were the first clients I met after a long flight home from Australia in January. We had a drink at The Alice House and talked for hours and I knew before I’d left, that we had become friends. Their wedding was just beautiful. Kate shone, Tom grinned, they both said I do and I cried just a little bit, from the sheer love of it all.

Thank you Kate, for being the picture of elegance and thank you to you Tom for beaming all day long. You are both so lovely and I wish you a world of happiness together.

A wedding at One Marylebone is one of my new favourite things. Tall windows, lots of light, a central location in town and incredible staff. There’s little more you could want from a gorgeous London wedding venue.

We’ve been non-stop editing over the past few weeks and have also managed to photograph two beautiful weddings in the countryside and a session along the river. This weekend we may even have a little sunshine if we’re very lucky, before we head off to two different weddings in France next weekend with another little stop in Paris. It’s a hard job, but someone has to do it.