Mary and I first met at an event organised for wedding professionals to meet and get to know their colleagues and she had on the best hat I’d ever seen. When she asked me for a portrait session, I hoped she’d be wearing another brilliant hat. We met at a sweet little cafe for coffee and a chat and I even got to meet the charming, Samson.

I do love this kind of portraiture and if you think you would benefit from some casual photos like these for your business or even just because, don’t hesitate to get in touch. I have some autumnal portraits to do in the upcoming weeks, but there is room for one or two more.

I know I said something about a beautiful Swiss wedding and it is absolutely coming, I promise. I just have to get through a wedding tomorrow in Dorset and finish an edit on Sunday and then it’s up. There’s still so much editing to be done before my winter hibernation!