One sunny weekend in summer, Lisa & Rory got married in the tiny little village of Hurley at the beautiful Olde Bell Inn. They started the weekend with a picnic and rolled out the blankets for an evening bbq for all of their guests. It was quite the occasion.

The next morning we were all up bright and early, polishing shoes and straightening ties to witness the joining of two special lives.

Thank you to you both for being a pleasure to photograph in tweed and couture, Louboutins and buffed brogues.

There were lots of fantastic people involved in organising this weekend; Lisa & Rory, planner extraordinaire Mary, The Olde Bell’s Alannah, florist Chantal and the always entertaining Say Fromage. I tip my hat to you all.

This wedding was featured over on Martha Stewart Weddings, 100 Layer Cake and shall also be making a print debut in the not too distant future too.

Last week we photographed a wedding with a horse, kidnapped a sister and took her on holiday and spent three days on a workshop. This week is just as exciting with a whole lot of editing, putting of discs in the post and a very little wedding on the Amalfi coast. La vita é bella.

  • How fun!! What a gorgeous gorgeous wedding! I absolutely love the mens attire!!

  • Lisa said:


  • Totally love this wedding. I like weekend weddings! So very dapper and charming - and so beautifully captured - especially the speech shots. x

  • Jo McCarthy said:

    An English Country Wedding at its very best - as always, beautifully captured Chloe! xx

  • Picnic blankets on the lawn, groomsmen with green ties and brown suspenders plus Pimm's O'Clock? It's perfection.

  • You truly do have such a strong story-telling gene...the same one that runs in my family but unfortunately seems to have skipped a generation. ;)

    A really lovely, refreshing wedding, well thought out and full of beautiful little details. Lushness.
    Great work Chloe. x

  • Chloe, what can I say - you did such a stellar job and captured our client's wedding perfectly! Look at the range in all these pictures! So proud of you! Thank you so much for your hard work - I love love love working with you. Woman, you the best! MLH xx

  • Really pretty... that cheese tower is divine! Wow your week sounds exciting!!! Amalfi coast??? LOVE!! Enjoy every moment!

  • Britt Spring said:

    Oh Chlo what a gorgeous wedding and your photography is so stunning, you have an amazing ability to capture people in the most relaxed and beautiful way. xxx

  • Who doesn't love a pop of yellow in a buttonhole?! Gorgeous shots.

  • nancy browne said:

    I know weddings are romantic, but you capture so much more, truly enchanting, beautiful couple xxx