A busy summer it has been, with weddings and shoots aplenty. Happy memories I have captured, to the sum of eight and twenty. Autumn is here and the sun is now shy, the leaves slowly litter the ground, so I’m packing my case and off we will fly, for we are Bali bound…

I am so excited to be photographing a gorgeous outdoor wedding in Bali next weekend! If you need me, I’ll be back on October 16th and if you’d like to see what I’m up to the interim, you can have a behind-the-scenes look over on Instagram.

Thank you as ever to UK Film Lab for the beautiful scan, from an amazing wedding at the Tiara Miramar hotel on the beautiful Cote d’Azur, earlier this month.  There’s plenty more where this has come from, just as soon as I get chance to catch up on the blog. This year has been even busier than I expected but I’m really not complaining when it’s all looked like this!