I am always enamoured with nights like this one.

An evening at home with my husband, in our little London flat, sat outside under the heater on the terrace, listening to our neighbour’s winter concert, with a bottle of Oyster Bay. Feeling alive and truly grateful for life and love, forever surprised at how sweet London can be.

It’s been a phenomenal start to the year. I am already overwhelmed by what’s in store, but overwhelmed in the best way possible.

  • Love the shot A LOT!, but 'patio heater', *wags finger* ;)

  • Fanni said:

    Love this photo, so warm and gorgeous! I'm thankful too for having met you last year, you're such an amazing photographer and an inspiration to me! Keep up the fabulous work. x

  • Mik Carrington said:

    A wonderful picture! Looks like it was a brilliant night. Best wishes for 2011.

  • I wish I had a flat to have parties like that! Not quite the same scenario when you are staring out at your downstairs neighbours garden with rubbish and broken trampolines in it ;) You deserve to be here - you are one talented lady and I love your work. Can't wait to see what you do this year. Mega x

  • oh I wish I was there.. looks like a beautiful way to spend an evening!

    happy new year Chloe!

  • Jason Gilbard said:

    What a great evening!