A simple city wedding held at London’s Chandos House, a lot of excited smiling, a wife and her new spouse. A day overflowing with heartfelt declarations, late summer in London and a wonderful celebration.

Wedding venue: Chandos House, London

I photographed this beautiful celebration a number of years ago now, but I thought it was about time I dusted it off for the blog. It has remained one of my favourites throughout the years and looking back on these photos, I distinctly remember Natalie’s energy and excitement. Happy, relaxed and just full to the brim with love for her new husband and every single member of her family, immediate and new. When I think of my most favourite weddings, it’s always the couples who just let go and enjoy themselves on their wedding day. The ones who know what it’s all about. A commitment to the one you love, a party with your nearest and dearest and cake. Always cake.

A lot has happened since I last blogged. I had a baby, fell head-over-heels in love, have remained there in a state of awe-struck wonder at this large-headed, round-bellied beautiful, beautiful miracle, traversed weeks then months of sleep-deprived delirium, emerging out the other side six months later, held together with coffee and concealer. We found our stride with the sunshine around spring, long before summer when I returned to work with the help of my incredible husband, travelling around France and England, photographing weddings and portraits, revisiting that feeling of immense privilege a wedding brings and the backstage pass that is being behind the scenes of one of the most memorable days of a person’s life.

It’s been a really restorative couple of months having rounded off the year with delivering the last of my winter’s weddings, albums and prints. I love nothing more than seeing my work printed, in a frame or a hand, as it should be appreciated. I have started the year deliberately slowly, photographing portraits and events and have carved some time to put some thought into launching a new sister website, which will be on its way in the upcoming months. Plenty more on that later.

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  • Eric E said:

    Very well captured! Love the black and white shots! Looks like a very happy couple!

  • Tracey said:

    Beautifully simple, as you suggest but so elegant. Wonderful work.

  • Ed Pereira said:

    Love the classic feel, wonderful photos! I've followed your work for many years, always inspiring.