A quiet afternoon one Monday in spring, a wedding in Hampstead, two lovebirds and a ring. At Burgh House we gathered, on a most notable date, Gary arrived early and Clarisa was not late. They stood before friends and promised their hearts, we clapped and we grinned, we all felt a part. That beautiful day, a mole & his wife, a perfect beginning to their new married life.

Thank you so much for letting me join you in your tiny little wedding of 18, and for looking so fantastic too.

Venue: Burgh House & The Holly Bush, Hampstead // That chic 50s wedding dress: Lizzie Jayne

The past few weeks Emma Jane has been all over the place, photographing weddings in France & Edinburgh whilst I have had a little time to catch up with editing some beautiful weddings in the very English countryside and booking in some fantastic weddings for 2013. It’s an exciting time of year.