It is always special photographing a wedding day, but sometimes a little bit even more special when the bride is a wedding blogger who also happens to be exceptionally lovely and is marrying her husband under a bright blue sky. Nick & Georgia flew me to France to photograph their wedding weekend in Provence at Chateau Grimaldi and for this, I am eternally grateful.


Thank you so much to you both for having me as your wedding photographer and for treating me as a guest at both of your weddings. It was such a privilege to spend those days with you and I’m utterly overwhelmed by all of your incredible gratitude. You really are the sweetest.

Gorgeous Georgia worked particularly hard on her wedding day and even started this brilliant British wedding blog, Before the Big Day. You can read all about her planning here and get in touch with her very amazing wedding planner, Ms (soon to be Mrs) Kerry Bracken, here.

Venue: Chateau Genoise, Provence // Dress & Veil: Delphine Manivet // Wedding Planner: Kerry Bracken Weddings Florist: Stephane Tevenin

I’m winding down my wedding work until spring, to focus on some more personal projects. It’s a beautiful time of  year for portraiture, reading and reflection on what a tremendous year it’s been and of course, for catching up on the blog…

  • Anushe Low said:

    What a gorgeous destination wedding, beautifully shot as always Chloe...congratulations to Georgia & Nick!! xx

  • Dasha said:

    Seriously, weddings don't get more beautiful than this! So, so pretty! Love portraits in the poppy field! Gorgeous

  • Dominique said:

    What a beautiful wedding! I am slightly biased as I had an outdoor wedding in the South of France too! Georgia looks radiant. Great job as always. x

  • As usual, I am stalking your blog in anticipation ;) You never disappoint, Chloé. There is so much light and love in this post. x

  • So fresh, so chic, so beautiful... Gorgeous work Chloé! xx

  • Britt Spring said:

    Oh Chloe! I went through every single photo and was disappointed when I got to the end because I wanted more! I really felt like I had experienced their day, you captured every moment beautifully, in true Chloe style. Love that you are my friend, so proud of you. B xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  • Lisa said:

    I'm not the only one stalking your blog in anticipation then! So beautiful, there's just something amazing about weddings in France, you would agree i'm sure. The light is lovely there and you've captured it so well. Looking forward to catching up on your weddings from the past few months, thank you for sharing xx

  • ed peers said:

    This is brilliant Chloe...

  • Sarah Gawler said:

    This is very gorgeous indeed - effortlessly cool pictures I love! I wish I was at this wedding, it all looks so classy ;)

  • Tenielle said:

    Oh my, your eye is amazing. I love everything about this, from the golden saturating light to the most intricate details, cheeky stolen glances, sweet kisses and absolute joy in the air. You are genius, absolutely beautiful!

  • Sofia said:

    This series of pictures is so soft and sweet! love it!

  • Wow, these really are incredibly beautiful. Bravo!

  • aneta said:

    just gorgeous Chloe, makes me nostalgic, remembering our day ... you got the feel of provence so so prettily xxx

  • Nicholas-André said:

    Really brightened my morning. Fantastic Chloé.


  • Kliq said:

    What a stunning location for a wedding! Great photos as well.

  • EmmaG said:

    What a beautifully relaxed, stylish wedding. Stunning shots as ever. x

  • Chanelle said:

    aaaah beautifully shot. loving the fashion of all the guests too, v stylish indeed

  • Sama said:

    Yay! Another beautiful wedding- you like to keep us waiting don't you Chloe?? As someone already said- so much love and light. I feel like I was there xx

  • Alex said:

    You captured the day nicely! :-)

  • Janice said:

    Gorgeous photos Chloe!! And what a lovely bride, the setting is a-mazing!

  • Beautiful! It was such a lovely day. Wasn't the lobster gorgeous! That was definitely the best staff meal I have ever had at a wedding. Crossing my fingers for another few weddings with you in 2012. Take care, Kerry

  • Emma Russell said:

    Dear Chloe, wow, what a wonderful set of images, beautiful. This looks like one seriously fun wedding.
    The guys at The Trained Eye recommended your site-I'm so pleased they did-I'm going to have a long night ahead cooing over your shots. Emma x

  • Another beauty of a wedding, perfectly captured. I am in awe!

  • Lisa said:

    Everything you capture is gold. What a beautiful wedding!

  • Sachin Khona said:

    Beautiful work .. really like how you've presented this!

  • Georgia said:

    I've just re-discovered the comments section of your website, and I'm feeling rather thrilled by all the lovely things people have said about the wedding. They're all quite right - your pictures are amazing! xx

  • Karen Julia said:

    A beautiful set of photos! Love the detail shots, and those desserts look exquisite!