An Italian wedding in a medieval village, friends and family from all over the world, four bridesmaids, a best woman and a beautiful mermaid dress. Mark & Avril got married in Tuscany in late summer last year and it was nothing short of bellissima.

This intimate wedding was held at the beautiful Gargonza, a quiet little hilltop village in Tuscany. Thank you Michelle, for looking after us and too for not making us eat the whole twelve courses. Thanks also to the lovely Britt Spring who kept me company along a few hours of hair-raising Italian motorway. That’s the stuff good friends are made of.

Next up is a wedding in France that Emma-Jane and I both photographed together in August. Think red hair, sharp suits and a huge medieval castle…


  • Naomi said:

    Consistently beautiful images. I felt so relaxed looking through these. I love the city backdrop x

  • Anna said:

    Oh gosh, you get to photograph the most beautiful weddings.

    So chic, all perfectly shot. Wonderful.

  • Tarah Coonan said:

    What a beautiful wedding, they must be over the moon with your photos

  • Dasha said:

    What a beautiful wedding, Chloe! Love black and white portraits! Such a beautiful place to get married at))

  • Love it, Makes me feel like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u5HRzaOFhec

  • Gabby said:

    Oh WOW! I have my first Italian wedding this summer and I can hardly wait! ;D

  • Tenielle said:

    Oh my goshness, could she be anymore beautiful, could you have documented this anymore beautifully? Absolute perfection.

  • Anushe Low said:

    Amazingly captured as always Chloe and those black and whites are STUNNING! xx

  • Michelle said:

    Beautiful job Chloe! This makes me nostalgic for my own wedding :)

  • Chloé, this is my favourite yet of all your weddings. Stunning.

  • stacy said:

    these are great shots!!

  • Peter Ntamark said:

    This is my first comment on your blog. I am a great big fan of your work. Very consistent, clean, well lit and composed.

  • Chloé said:

    It is indeed your first comment, Peter! Thank you so much for your lovely words.

  • Both the couple and your photographs are just too beautiful. The photos in the streets are my favourites, fyi.

  • debs said:

    Chloe! Absolutely gorgeous. I just love those last two frames... sublime xx

  • nancy browne said:

    What beautiful lasting images you capture, when memories fade they
    will always have your fabulous details to reminisce. Wonderful xxx

  • Britt Spring said:

    Sheesh young lady. i'm amazed with your eye for detail and all things pretty and colourful. I'm jealous and proud of you. B xxxx

  • ed peers said:

    Gotta love Tuscany and gotta love this photography...

  • Sarah Gawler said:

    This wedding is bellissima indeed! Gorgeously captured Chloe, you make it look so easy!