…we have flown 9475km, driven 3750km, spent 17 nights in 10 different hotels, squeezed 14 newly weds, cried at 7 weddings, sat on 6 planes, spoken four different languages (at questionable degrees of fluency), travelled with three different loved ones as dutiful assistants and are now two very happy and grateful photographers. It’s been one really busy past month, but it’s also been so worth it.

Here’s a little look at what we’ve been up to.

My first wedding in Amalfi, for two very beautiful people…

An engagement session in Paris for the gorgeous Janice & Michael…

Followed by their intimate wedding in Provence…

 This glamorous wedding near Dijon for the very dapper Nicolas & the exceptional Alexandra…

And I finished up in España with elegant Alia & dashing Pierre’s fantastic wedding in Spain…

It has been a beyond beautiful month for us both and it looks like it’s set to last. We’re off to two lovely weddings in Ascot & Wiltshire today, a little bit closer to home.

Have a lovely weekend one and all and an especially happy anniversary to you, Husband.

Three years of marriage and you’re still here! I love you immensely. x

  • Dominique said:

    You take such beautiful photos. These are stunning. x

  • You're getting crazy-good in your old (more like young) age!

    Perfect pictures, and HUGE congratulations on 3 years with your rather lovely husband xx

  • Lisa Pires said:

    Lovely photos Chloé can't wait to see more. Happy Anniversary you two fun and beautiful people, love you both lots xxxx

  • Binky Nixon said:

    ABSOLUTELY STUNNING IMAGES (I am writing in capitals because I am shouting it from the roof tops). Congrats on your 3 years of marriage to! xxXxx

  • Dasha said:

    Stunning photos of beautiful couples)) So much love captured around the world :) Happy anniversary Mr&Mrs Caught The light x

  • Kat said:

    That's the most amazing round up, Chloe! Love it all! And congratulations on the 3! :) xx

  • I seem to have missed a few posts, how did I let that happen! Anyways I can't wait to see all these gorgeous weddings. You're livin' the dream ladies. Keep up the fabulousness and congrats on your anniversary Chloe!

  • alyda said:

    oh a huge congratulations to you sweet people! and your images from all the shoots are divine! You must be a little tired me thinks x

  • Gorgeous shots, Chloe and Emma. And congrats on 3 years! x

  • STYLEFIG said:

    These photos makes me want to get married again :) to my hubby :) Great photos of beautiful love! and congrats to you both my lovely friends, on 3 amazing years of your journey together.

    Big smiles from Kristina

  • Anushe Low said:

    Oh so much beauty!! Can not wait to see! The last photo is may favourite though...happy anniversary you two love birds :) xxxx

  • NancyBrowne said:

    How wonderful living your dream with such art, love flows from your lens.
    The Talented Miss Browne, Congratulations on all your trips and three years of marriage, if this is a peep can't wait to see the finished photographs . Fab fab fab xxx

  • Janice said:

    Gorgeous photos!! You definitely had a busy month! Thank you so much again for everything! :) Happy belated 3 year anniversary!!

  • Victoria said:

    Congratulations on your anniversary Chloé!

    These photographs are beautiful, look forward to seeing more x