AN ODE TO 2012

Sometimes when life gets busy, it’s easy to forget, the people and the places, the dusks and the sunsets. Those days through the year when you felt your heart beat, huge smiles from new people you were quite lucky to meet. Be still for a moment, just sit and recall, reflect on the absolute beauty of it all. Life is quite frantic and at times it’s quite sad, but these are the memories that make our souls glad.

This year I’ve been invited on a number of days, with camera in hand and finger ablaze, to witness small fragments of love and sheer bliss, a sum of thirty-eight weddings and they looked a lot like this…


One last wedding tomorrow sees the end of the year, an ode to twenty twelve, to love and good cheer!

  • So so beautiful. I can't wait to see what 2013 has in store for you. Wishing you the happiest new year.

  • Dasha said:

    So many beautiful moments and happy couples)) Hope 2013 brings more of the same to you and Emma!

  • Becky Male said:

    Ahhh what a great year you have had, some really beautiful weddings and happy, emotive moments captured. Beautiful work.

  • Kat Hill said:

    Just beautiful, Chloe!!! Looking forward to seeing what you have up your sleeve in 2013! x

  • Tom Le Vine said:

    Nice collection. Curly hair guy is one of my faves. Also 'Eskimo kiss' groom with a posy is adorable. Emma Jane manages to get very classy lens flare and that last one with what looks like rain drops is a keeper!

  • Delia said:

    Amazing, absolutely amazing! Well done Team Caught the light, wishing a very Happy 2013.

  • WOW! Gorgeous gorgeous images and there are so many showstopper dresses…beautiful x

  • Lisa Devlin said:

    Wow ladies, these are all so gorgeous. As for the frocks, just divine. Happy New Year xx

  • Incredible work ladies - just beautiful. Wishing you a wonderful 2013 filled with many more wonderful moments like the ones you captured above xx

  • Jason Gilbard said:

    Oh my goodness, beautiful! I will be the first to admit that you have been busy this year but this absolutely confirms it! With so many different places and happy faces you deserve to be proud of what you've accomplished in 2012. Can't wait for 2013!

  • Well award for the most incredibly consistently stylish, beautiful weddings goes to....! So lovely to see each of your weddings and couples, what a great year of weddings for you both. You do realise we have seriously high expectations for 2013 now ;) x

  • Emma Jane said:

    Yes it's truly been an amazing year and I wish a Massive Thank you to all our wonderful couples for letting us capture such magical and beautiful moments! I can't wait to see what 2013 has installed for us!


    Emma Jane

  • Tenielle said:

    Absolutely beauty and radiating joy throughout this post. That camera, those fingers and that eye of yours....absolute magic. Think I'm in love with all the sweeties throughout this post, but especially no. 24. sublime!

  • Meredith said:

    Chloe what enchanting words!! I felt as though I was reading a tale by Dr. Seuss. Really clever and stunning images as always xx

  • There was never any doubt you'd have another fab year! You're a star. Looking forward to what comes in 2013!

  • Sharron said:

    Such beauty, such light, such adventures! Wishing you both a wonderful and truly remarkable 2013. All the best Sxx

  • Alex Kilbee said:

    Nice to see a collection not shot through of contrived images, but genuine moments.
    All the best for 2013!


  • anna said:

    Oh just beautiful images.

    Such chic and fabulous weddings.

    You have created magic.

  • Lisa said:

    So so beautiful. You always capture magic xx

  • Caro Hancock said:

    Chloe & Emma what beautiful photo's proving yet again what clever talented ladies you are. Your photos bring such joy and happiness and happy memories. Hope that 2013 brings all that you wish for.xxxx

  • Nick Rose said:

    What a great year! So many amazing weddings!

  • I was SURE I commented on this?! Heavenly work, ladies. You manage to shoe horn more light into each image than seems possible. Glorious.