Lucy & Rob are exceptional individuals. Funny, charming and disarmingly sweet, their wedding day back in July was well worth the trip up to Edinburgh and back. The sun was shining, the martinis flowed and at the end of the evening, we put down our cameras, picked up a glass and stayed for a dance with our two new friends.

This beautiful house was quite the venue, in an enviable location just outside of Edinburgh, but they sadly they no longer host weddings. In early July, it’s still so bright at 10pm it’s literally a photographer’s dream. At the same time this year, I’ll be in Stockholm photographing a wedding where the light stays up late and I absolutely cannot wait!

This week is proving to be a relaxing one.  I’ve edited an engagement, finished a mountain of admin and I also have a wedding to photograph before the week is out. I’m close to closing my bookings for 2012 now too, trying to keep things manageable so as to give them all our best and leaving a little time for holidays with husbands and weekends spent with friends. 2012 is already looking so good!