I often fall a little bit in love with my brides and find it quite hard to detach myself from what is for most, a day full of emotion. This wedding at the family farm, was no exception. Tori & Oli are the personification of what it means to love and be loved and never have I seen people so utterly adored by their friends and family. I hope these photos go some way in showing a snippet of just what a beautiful day of colour and happiness it was.

Another huge, huge thank you to you Tori and Oli, for choosing me to photograph your incredible wedding day. Your friends and family made me feel like I’d known them forever and that always means so much. I also owe a massive thank you to Dominique for her assistance on the day, who is an absolute professional.

If you’d like to see what Tori gets up to running her business in Norfolk, you can catch up with her blog, Wellies & Vogue. I’m so excited that this wedding is being featured in a very beautiful bridal magazine in the summer, but there’s a little bit more on that later.

This past month has been quite hectic with a trip to California for a photography convention, the welcome arrival of wedding season, a new logo and refined website and an engagement session in Paris and at the end of this week! I just spent an eye-watering amount of money developing four rolls of film from my adventures with Holga and buying five more…

  • Dominique said:

    So nice to see these shots again. I had such an amazing time with you at this wedding. What a great day it was!

  • joanna brown said:

    wow, love love love this wedding.
    love your style
    love your updates
    love your logo
    love it all. fab chloe can't wait to see what you do this year.x

  • Sharron said:

    Oh I love this wedding. This is the wedding I shall be using as a mood board when I plan my own! The photos are summery perfection; evocative, happy and beautiful.

  • Oh Chloe, these are so vibrant! Love the clean approach in all your photographs - I always feel like I'm flipping through a magazine when I view your work. x

  • I LOVE this blog post. My god, it's a feast for the eyes.

  • EmmaG said:

    Stunning!! I've never seen such a colourful wedding! Particularly love the sheer happiness you captured in Tori's face in shot 37.

  • Nicholas-André said:

    Love!!! End of.

  • Oh crikey oh riley. I think I'm in love. This may be my most favourite wedding. Ever. Ever. Ever.

  • i likes this one a lot Chloe. veeeery nice colours. sooo bright and happy.

  • wow, what a stunning wedding, captured gorgeously. amazing

  • Estelle said:

    So bright, fun and obviously full of love. Fabulous.

  • Steph Oakes said:

    Wow. Just stunning! Simply gorgeous Chloe.

  • Oh wow I think this may be my dream wedding. They totally nailed the laid-back vibe, so colourful and full of fun, just take a look at those cute coloured hearts on her shoes. Makes you wish you were there, you are one lucky lady to get to capture moments like these!

  • Wow I can see why this is one of your favourites from last year! So much colour and cuteness! I love it Chloe!

  • Oh wow! These images are beautiful! I love them so much; the colours are incredible! Also loving the new website & logo. Everything just looks lovely over here :) xx

  • Ah, I love Wellies and Vogue! How nice to see their wedding pics - it looked like an absolutely unrestrained fun day - and the details very personal. Great stuff!

    ps - would love to see what you shot on your Holga - I retired mine about a year ago but want to pull it back out this summer!

  • Josie said:

    One of my favourite weddings ever I'd say. And also pretty much exactly how I'd want to get married myself!

  • Jason Gilbard said:

    I remember when you came home after photographing Tori and Oli's wedding you said that you had a great day, now I can now see why. A happy, bright and colourful wedding documented beautifully!

  • katy coe said:

    Was the best wedding i've ever been to and you've portrayed it just perfectly - Fairytale Wedding for a Fairytale Couple - LOVE TORI AND OLI x

  • David Long said:

    Really beautiful natural images of what looks to have been a fantastic happy day...!

  • Oh my, what a gorgeous wedding. I love bright, bold weddings and this is certainly a favourite of mine.

  • Absolutely beautiful. A completely stylish wedding that must have been a joy to photograph but also so many moments caught so well. Incredible job! xx

  • Have just discovered your website and just love it! These pics are so alive.... make me feel as if I'm there! Happiness shines through and the colours are stunning

  • Sama said:

    Chloe, I just love your wedding photography soooo much. So natural, so vibrant, so full of colour and love. If you're not available when I get married (which may be some time away as I'm not even engaged), I think I may cry!

  • More than gorgeous. The colours and the moments so perfectly captured.

  • Rosemary Maule said:

    Love all the photos, i'm Tori's aunt, granny to the little bridesmaid and baby May, the little baby in white fairy outfit, you did a fantastic job and it was a pure delight to meet you on their special day. a really big well done for the way you totally caught their special moments and the families and guests, and yet blended into the party putting people at ease. Thank you Rosie

  • Addie said:

    You can just feel the love from these!

  • Wow - what beautiful pictures! The vibrancy of the casual chic wedding is really caught. I love how the colors accent a spring/summery feel without overpowering everything. It all just feels light and airy!

  • Anna Hardy said:

    Absolutely beautiful!!! Such joyful pictures, love them!

  • Andri said:

    Wow, love this so vibrant & colourful what a beautiful wedding which you've captured so perfectly, no surprise it's being published. Great new logo too x

  • Tori's Dada said:

    Loads of comments Chloe. YOU REALY DESERVE EVERY ONE OF THEM.
    i am glad you captured me looking so well groomed and tidy!
    My Tor and her Mum looked a picture,but my Land Rovers stole the show.

  • John Starns said:

    Woow, what a beautiful set of images! I especially like the Land Rover shot and the little dog at the window - gorgeous!

  • Chloé said:

    Thank you all so, so much for your lovely comments. I am so pleased that you like them and it honestly was such an amazing day. I was thrilled to bits to have been there and will definitely remember this as one of my favourites of all my 40-odd weddings to date!

  • Tenielle said:

    We give up!! This wedding is.... you are.... Positively Divine!!!!

  • David McNeil said:

    I don't often comment on blogs... but this wedding is beautiful, and Chloe is one of the few photographers shooting beautifully, naturally, and simply - and yet still manages to have a very unique style. Very talented.

  • Ben Tilley said:

    Beautifull photos amazing light and colours

  • this wedding brought me to your work via another blog and I just have to say your work is incredible! and I LOVE this wedding! :)