MY 2015

The year that has passed was a year to remember with twenty-four weddings from March til December, sunshine and rain clouds, the occasional cold, the making of new friends and reuniting with old. The hours on motorways and too-early flights, Greek island adventures, eating cake at midnight, the love & the promises, all the things I have seen, so here is a little of my twenty fifteen…

london wedding photographer

 wedding photos Aynhoe Park

Between all the weddings I walked the streets of the city, photographing people in light that was pretty…

family portrait photography London

 Family portrait photographer

It was a year of great moments and the saddest of days, saying goodnight to my grandma in the heart-wrenching way, feeling so full of love but at the same time depleted, they say love conquers all, but we all felt defeated. So we look to this year and we set our sights high and we give and take comfort as new days roll by and we’re thankful for all of the good things we’ve seen and wish you love and good light for your twenty sixteen.


  • Emma Sekhon said:

    Oh my what a wonderful collection of images. That light, those pastel colours, the love, those stole moments, the happiness ... The list is long. Just devine! I know it's not been the easiest of years but you have so much to be proud of. Here is to an even better sparkling 2016. Can't wait to see what's install for you. You are my inspiration, your talent beyond and I'm your biggest fan! Much love xx

  • Anushé Low said:

    Such a beautiful collection and so much to be incredibly proud of Chloé! You really do weave magic in the way you capture light and happiness, I agree with are truly inspirational :) May you soar to even greater heights in your art and life xx

  • Sarah Gawler said:

    Oh look there's us at the very end! So many gorgeous light infused and natural shots. I love your style lady Browne. And can u buy a print of the pretty green curvy bench?!