Rae is the kind of person who makes you laugh with one sly look and she found her perfect match in Bill. They live in New York, but chose to get married in London at The Crypt in St Paul’s Cathedral as Bill’s lovely mum has an MBE, which is like a VIP pass for St Paul’s. I am so glad to have met them both and to have shared in their wedding day. It was grey and windy, but to me they proved that it doesn’t matter one tiny bit. They were getting married and that’s all that really counts, right?

You’re not really allowed to take photos after this point, but if you’re really very nice and a little bit wily, you can just about sneak in a couple of frames before an eyebrow gets raised.

The ever-lovely Penny at Tiger Lily Weddings worked exceptionally hard on this wedding to make sure that everything looked beautiful and ran like clockwork. We love Penny a lot.

Emma Jane & I both photographed this wedding as a joint labour of love. It’s so nice having her alongside me on bigger weddings and I’m not sure you could tell our work apart, could you? She’s like my sexier Swedish twin.

This week has been full of delivering wedding edits, exciting new bookings for 2012 and a little bit of time for reflection too. I’m heading to Italy on Thursday and I’m so excited to have the opportunity to photograph a wedding in Rome on Saturday. I haven’t been back since I moved home to London three years ago to marry that husband of mine. I can’t wait to wander those cobbles and go back to La Scala and Gusto, my very favourite restaurants.

I also have a portrait session on Friday for a special Romana very close to my heart. It’s going to be an excellent weekend.

  • Dasha said:

    Beautiful work, ladies! And gorgeous styling by Penny)) dream team ;)

  • Vicki said:

    oh wow! I love everything about this wedding from the details to the location! The photos are just stunning!

  • pen said:

    Gorgeous. I particularly like the portrait on the bridge.

  • Clare said:

    Beautiful photographs Chloe! It's really lovely to see what the rest of the day was like after seeing only the reception. Shooting their photobooth was such fun, both Bill and Rae were so lovely and I wish them both all the best in their future together. Bet they're blown away by their images :-)

  • gina said:

    beautiful. what lovely traditions

  • Dominique said:

    Another beautiful set. Love the St. Pauls shot on the bridge.

  • Oh just luv it! Grey skies? Didn't notice it among all the gorgeous photos!

  • Britt Spring said:

    Hey you are just as sexy!!! I should know :)
    (that sounded less creepy in my head)
    beautiful wedding Chloe & Emma Jane, I especially love the photo on the bridge, wow, that needs to go on a poster nice and big like. Britt xoxoxo

  • josie said:

    Absolutely cool. I love the black and whites at the end of the other ceremony.

  • Juliet Mckee said:

    Beautiful wedding with fabulous injections of colour. Lovely mix of stylish and intimate shots.

  • Kathryn said:

    I love the picture on Millennium bridge, with St Pauls and the birds in the background. It looks straight out of a movie!