A wedding at Rangers House is always a pleasure to photograph. Tall windows, red walls and a pretty little garden out the back. Esther & Nathan had planned a very intimate tea party wedding with an exceptional ending…

Instead of giving traditional wedding favours, these two decided to put everyone on a coach to the airport for two weeks in Mauritius. Now that’s what you call a honeymoon.

Thank you to you Ella, for introducing me to the beautiful Esther and oh-so-suave Nathan. It was a gorgeous afternoon and I love you for having me there with you.

Venue: Rangers House, Greenwich // Dress: Blackburn Bridal, Blackheath

I am exceptionally lucky to share moments like these in people’s lives, witness the love of their friends and family and to call it all a job.

Up next I’ll show you a sneak of some of the beautiful things we have seen in the past few weeks. A wedding on the Amalfi coast, two weddings in  France; Beaune & Provence, a little affair in Barbados and a wedding I’m just about to photograph in Spain. Summer is very good to us indeed.

  • Dasha said:

    So many happy moments! Cracking shots of kids) Lovely lovely wedding

  • joanna brown said:

    errr the whole wedding on honeymoon.... WOW. This is so elegant and beautiful and Chole your style is effortless and sophisticated. LOVE IT x

  • The logistics of those wedding favours boggles my brain! Wow! Gorgeous wedding, Esther looked radiant and so happy all the way through it.

  • Tenielle said:

    I think they did themselves the biggest favour by working with you my love. Bliss. P.S So wish i was a guest at that wedding.....Mauritius, oh my!

  • They gave WHAT as favours? At the last wedding I went to as a guest I got a biscuit with my name on it. My friends suck.

    Such beautiful photos Chloe, I want you to photograph my imaginary next wedding please.

  • Britt Spring said:

    Lovely wedding, everyone looks so happy! Not surprising.... Mauritius. Love the B&W photo of the 3 flower girls walking behind the bride & groom, precious. xx

  • Jo McCarthy said:

    Chloe, you really captured Esther's beauty, she has one of the most sensational smiles, and the Edwards all look gorgeous...in fact {everyone} looks amazing! Good job!

  • nancy browne said:

    What a very English venue with sunshine and smiles and love all around, you're very talented and a fabulous photographer.

  • Amazing family and location, beautiful weather and light too. I'm amazed by the scale of the wedding and the way you managed to come with so may great images.

  • ella said:

    Beautiful photos as always lovely lady xx

  • Really lovely. The black and whites are really strong pictures.