On a calm afternoon in Paris you can walk along for miles, you can stroll past the sights, you can stop for a while. We sauntered and we chatted, that afternoon in May, I edged them into nice light and at the end of the day, I waved them goodbye and wished them bonne chance, au revoir for a week… til their wedding in Provence. 

January is a lovely time of year for us as things slow down in the snow, but don’t quite stop. I’m busy designing albums, meeting brides and grooms and looking forward to springtime when our weddings are in full bloom. Then another summer full of travel back and forth to France and beyond and some truly beautiful people to share wedding days with. Forever grateful (and gushing).

  • Dasha said:

    Ah, sweet summer in Paris! It's beautiful, Chloe! Love Shakespeare and Co. If I lived in Paris, I would live directly above it))

  • It's such an amazing thing seeing the world through the eyes of Chloe. I could swoon over this forever.

  • Janice said:

    Aww Chloé! I love looking at these photos!! :) That was such a fun afternoon! Thank you so much for the lovely comment on my blog post! I'm always so flattered when another photographer compliments my work, especially coming from you! xo

  • Ken Topham said:

    Nice work, very nice work... perfect balance of B&W images too.

  • Sarah Gawler said:

    Oh so pretty! I love the black and white one where they are stood between two lamp posts and the ending shot is definitely one for framing ;)

  • laura mackay said:

    So beautiful! I can almost hear music in my head looking at these images!

  • Loy Olsen said:

    Oh to live in Paris ... I want to step into your pictures :) LOVE the black & white Parisian street kiss!

    Loy x

  • Wow! I absolutely love these photographs... you have captured the emotion brilliantly and also the magic of Paris. Such a wonderful city! : )

  • Dianne said:

    So beautiful, you've really captured the feeling of Paris.