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A year of celebration, commitments made true, huge declarations of love & forty I Dos. The taking of photos, memories made & then framed, this is the joy occupying most of my days. Four seasons fly past us, a whole three-six-five days, our hearts leap & they sink in a myriad of ways. Take nothing for granted, hold everyone close, is the lesson that this year has taught me the most. So we love and we rally and we choose to live well and look back at the stories that the year had to tell…
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Twenty fourteen with your ups & your downs, your weddings on seafronts & weddings in towns, your packing of boxes & buying first homes, your sanding & painting, a place of our own. Your months full of sunshine & pure, sheer elation, your trips to the airport, long drives to the station, your sharing of moments of love & of laughter & wishing new couples a happily ever after…
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On a calm summer’s day in August, when the sun shone warm on my skin, I travelled with cameras to Chateau Martinet and here is where this story begins. An elegant couple in love with each other, their guests cool and dressed to the nines, take seats in the shade and applaud with delight as these two wed under French pines. Champagne was served and kisses exchanged, well wishes and hugs were poured out and I had a beautiful, brilliant day, of that there was never a doubt…

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