Jess & Ludge got married in April this year in Lourinha, Portugal and I was so grateful to have been there. Friends and family flew from Sydney, London and Paris to celebrate and it made for a beautiful reunion.

The evening before, everyone met up for a chat and a catch up, this time in a tiny old village. We stood outside in the street, laughing and talking whilst the sun set and the bar next door sold glasses of wine for 30¢. This is the tiny village that Ludgero grew up in.

Early the next morning, I headed out to photograph Jess getting ready with her mum, in a lovely bright hotel room. My favourite.

It really was a lovely day and I think you’ll agree that they’re very much in love. If you missed their pre-wedding photos in Paris, you can see them right here. and if you were a guest and would like to see more, you can request access to their full gallery, here.

I thought it was about time I got started blogging what we’ve been up to lately and thinking back, since this wedding in April, I’ve photographed a total of nine weddings in beautiful places. We always love our London weddings but we also like to travel and so far we’ve been to Stockholm, Provence, Cannes, Crete and Edinburgh and loved each and every single trip.  There are a couple of gorgeous weddings from Emma Jane to share too. She’s been to Mallorca, Bordeaux and even photographed a wedding here in a zoo. It’s true.

I’m gearing up for a wedding in Mallorca this weekend and it’s full steam ahead until then. These wedding photos don’t edit themselves, you know.

  • Peonies said:

    What a gorgeous wedding. I love the photo of the groom standing alone on the cobbled street, it's brilliant.

  • Jessica said:

    oo what a lovely surprise!! You made my day :-))) Thank you for being such a lovely photographer, so patient and always smiley! Thank you thank you Chloé!

  • Britt said:

    Hey Chloe, i love these photos! you did an awesome job, you really are a 'people photographer' you capture people at their best. I especially love the portrait of the groom on the cobble stones. love . B xxx

  • frani said:

    love love love you are amazing love love love <3

  • Dasha said:

    Very chilled out and beautiful wedding - just the way it should be)) Gorgeous light! More of that in UK, please! Great job, Chloe x

  • Always awesome Chloe! Another stunning location photographed beautifully!

  • Lisa said:

    Beautiful Chloé, it was nice to see some new photos, I especially loved the one of Ludge standing on the cobblestones with light coming through the back, that picture is spectacular! You captured the day so well x

  • So perfect, Chloé. I was just telling Juliet McKee yesterday how you are in my top 3 UK wedding photographers and this is why.

  • Sharron said:

    Beautiful. You can feel and smell the sunshine! Great shots.

  • Pete M said:

    As usual, amazing photos Chloe

  • These are sooo lovely, you are one talented lady!! My faves are the candids of the guests (how stylish?!), the first one of the little girl out of the window and those amazing shots of the bride and groom in the evening. Wowee! xx

  • Anushe Low said:

    beautiful Chloe!! Love the T-S ones, stunning xx

  • Dominique said:

    Beautiful job Chloe! You captured the atmosphere perfectly. Gorgeous light too!

  • Raquel said:

    STUNNING!!!! Love them all!

  • alyda said:

    what a gorgeous wedding! you are one very talented girl :)

  • Sarah Gawler said:

    Beautiful work Chloe - so many gorgeous character shots!

  • Wesley said:

    Looks lovely.. a real peach of a wedding.. love the shot of ludgero with the brandy glass on the cobbles with the flare..

  • Carolina said:

    Beautiful - especially the black and white shots. The little bridesmaid/flower girl is too cute :)


  • Jason Gilbard said:

    The tilt shift photos amongst the eucalypts (who would have thought, gum trees in Portugal) has me in awe! Beautiful light, beautiful people and beautifully captured. x

  • serena said:

    The shot of the groom in the cobbled street with the glass and all that light is so beautiful. Lovely photos, as usual!

  • EmmaG said:

    Love it! Mainly because I'm finally in a picture on your blog ;) beautiful beautiful shots. Really captured the happiness and warmth of the day.

  • Justine said:

    Wow. The picture of him on his own with the glass is soo cool.

  • Phil Stefans said:

    Wow! Love the backlit shot of the groom on the pathway, and the following shots of the couple...