On a warm day in autumn with leaves on the ground, if you had strolled Hampstead Heath you might just have found, a boy named Isaiah with his parents in tow, tiny teeth and huge eyes with a smile soft and slow. On this very heath was where his father proposed, so we wandered and paused and stood in the glow of the sun beaming down on this family of three. Today marks five years, happy anniversary dear Lia & G!

Lia & Gerald’s wedding was one of my very first, holding their intimate wedding reception at The Haymarket Hotel with more style and understated elegance than I had ever seen before! They have since become very good friends and I was thrilled to have been asked to photograph their son, my favourite little latte, Isaiah. Hampstead Heath was a brilliant choice, with Gerald having grown up in Highgate and Lia holding this particular spot close to her heart. It is after all, where it all began.

I have quite a few family portrait sessions to blog from the past year, all shot on my beloved Contax 645. It’s so exciting shipping off rolls of film to my lab  and waiting for my film scans to be sent back.

If you are thinking of having some portraits taken and a studio isn’t your style, you can scroll through my portrait brochure here for a little more information to find out how to book a session.

Up next, I think it’s time to update the press archives.

  • Pete M said:

    Great photos, cuteness overload!

  • Philippa Winter said:

    Chloe, these are so beautiful! Isaiah is so cute!! What a gorgeous family... I hope that one day you'll be doing our family shots too! 5 year anniversary coming up- can you believe it?! x x

  • Victoria said:

    A gorgeous collection of portraits Chloé - so sweet and natural!

  • Voyteck said:

    Great photos, love the soft look!

  • Gosia said:

    Very cute set!