One week in April, we escaped to blue skies, a trip with no emails, just my husband and I. Some Arabic was learnt, pronunciation attempted, some photos were taken and our pockets were emptied. We ate and we wandered, for a few days we stayed, we were still for a moment and these memories we made.

Essaouira & Marrakech | Morocco on film, with my tempremental Contax 645.

It has been an even busier summer than either of us had imagined. Emma Jane got married, not once, but on two quite beautiful occasions. We photographed weddings in central London & in the Surrey woodlands, in an Essex walled garden, in a 17th century Kent wonderland, at our favourite country gastro pub, at an actual castle in Scotland, on the island of Crete, overlooking Cannes, at two beautiful wedding venues in Bordeaux and Provence to name but a few, with portraits in Paris in between. The sun has graciously shone whilst we’ve been abroad, but back home we’ve worked through thunder storms and learnt that rain does not stop play, it merely creates a bigger adventure and makes guests dance hard, all night long. We’ve seen caring commitments and pledges of love and trust and received more gratitude, thanks and appreciation than ever before, which has bowled us both over. It feels like this summer went by in a blur, but it’s not quite over yet…

Tomorrow morning I’m heading to Provence for a three-day film photography workshop with Feather & Stone. You’ll be glad to hear that they’re going to teach me how to shoot film properly. I’m back to the office on Monday 23rd with a bag full of film and hopefully, a sun tan.


  • Aneta MAK said:

    Gooorgeous post - love the softness, the colours, and the dreamy feel to it all.

  • Rachael said:

    well i think your film photography is quite magic if these are anything to go by! Beautiful post. Morocco is one pretty amazing spot isn't it?

  • Lisa Pires said:

    Hmmm... I would say you've mastered this film business after all! These photos are wonderful! I wish I had my film camera when I was there it's the place for it! Enjoy your field trip I'm sure it will be totes amaze xxx

  • Tom! said:

    meh, I think cancel the course, these ones are pretty darn nice

  • Pete M said:

    Great photos Chloé! Jason looks so relaxed.

  • Marina Randall said:

    Well done Chloe! Your summer sounds epic & thanks also for making ours equally so. These Marrakech photos are so beautiful, I feel almost moved to tears looking at them. This is either a sign of your brilliance, or my sappiness. I'm inclined to vote for the former! Much love xxx

  • Ahhhhh, we went to Marrakech a few weeks ago! (I blogged too, but not on film, sadly ;)). Gorgeous shots, Chloe. Did you buy anything? We struggled back on Easyjet with a big beaten metal lampshade.

  • Jason said:

    Absolutely amazing! Film is definitely the only way to capture the colours and intricacy of the Moroccan experience and you have done it beautifully.

  • Emma Godard said:

    Such beautiful pictures, you have really captured the atmosphere of Morocco

  • Melanie said:

    I love these photos! They bring me back to Marrakech...such a magical place & you've captured it so well!

  • Patricia said:

    I'm sooo in love with your amazing pictures!!

  • It looks like you had a great time away from the whole hasle. Now, probably, you'll have a new wave of creative inspiration for any upcoming weddings ;)

  • Victoria said:

    I thought this looked a bit Contaxy : ) A beautiful account of what looks to have been a lovely adventure!

  • Carmen said:

    We were a month ago in Agadir, and now i suprised how i find ur blog! Congrats, wonderful shots!!! :)

  • Nancy said:

    On a cold winters night a real uplifting album, so colourful and exotic

  • Dan Ward said:

    So in love with these shots!!!! Always wanted to goto Morocco! You might have just persuaded me!