It is impossible not to be happy in the presence of Adam and Sophie. They are so very much in love with each other, you in turn find yourself falling a little bit in love with them. They laugh a lot and make you smile, they’re kind and affectionate, relaxed and real and as I discovered one day in Brighton, the kind of people you feel like you’ve always known. They also have a habit of making the sun shine, which was perfect for our morning wandering around for their pre-wedding photos.

I was lucky enough to photograph their beautiful wedding at Northbrook Park last month and say a sweet goodbye before they jet off around the world for an entire year on their most amazing honeymoon.

Thank you two for being so lovely, for having me as your photographer and for making me a friend. You’re really very awesome.

I’ll be blogging their wedding in full as soon as I’ve caught up with what’s been happening this year. We’ve both had a busy week of non-stop edits and so tomorrow I’m taking a well-earned day off to spend with my family. There is however no rest for the wicked, as I’m back to work on Sunday with a portrait session in Paris. I really do love my job.