An afternoon in Paris and a walk around the city, with a rather handsome husband & a wife who’s oh-so-pretty. We stopped & we paused and we laughed & had fun and just before we finished up, we were kissed by the sun.

Pre-wedding photos in Pa

I had the huge privilege of photographing Jamie & Steven Moore for the second time last year and just before we began the session, they announced that Jamie was pregnant and I may or may not have got a little choked up. I can’t tell you how thankful I am for clients who become friends, whose adventures in work and life I follow from across the seas and who I feel have given me the confidence to direct and craft my portrait photography. I have always loved photographing people, but photographing these two, I love a lot!

This week has kicked off brilliantly with an afternoon photographing another engagement session in Notting Hill for another couple of gorgeous, glossy Americans, tomorrow will be spent returning to Paris, predictably spending a ridiculous amount of time in Diptyque in St Germain, lunch as always at Cafe St Regis. I’ll then be photographing Jamie & Steve again but this time with their brand new addition, Baby Greyson which I couldn’t be more excited about! In my signature style, it will be one mad dash to Gare du Nord before we jet off to Croatia for a little R&R and anniversary celebrations for our six years of marriage. It’s a very, very good week.