I fell a little bit in love with Philippa & James, during our engagement session in the summertime. Philippa is stylish and poised and has the coolest wry smile that I absolutely loved photographing, so I was certain that their Cotswolds wedding in July was going to be a treat.

You can have a look through Philippa’s blog here, over at: Inspired Winter. She’s a fashion designer, so it’s always worth stopping-by to see where she’s been looking for inspiration.

We’re just two days until the end of 2010 and I am very pleased to say that it has been astonishing. I’ve photographed more beautiful weddings than I could have dreamt of (33 to be precise), visited new countries, gasped at dresses, cried during vows, laughed aloud during speeches and witnessed some incredible moments. I am grateful to you, 2010 for all the experiences that you’ve brought me.

I’m now looking ahead to what is set to be an even more amazing year in 2011, with weddings here and abroad to look forward to alongside a mountain of portrait sessions with more interesting individuals. We’re slowing the pace a little in the next few weeks, but there is still a lot to come.

  • Just beautiful. I love her green dress, it's stunning.

  • Dolly said:

    A beautiful wedding beautifully photographed, Chloe! I don't know how you get the backgrounds so creamy looking, but they are just gorgeous! Xx

  • Aneta said:

    oh wow wow wow just beautiful... such gorgeous photos Chloe..

    and what amazing dress! where oh where is it from??

  • joanna brown said:

    This is simply breathtaking and elegant and just so sophisticated and beautiful, everything that sums up your style.... gorgeous ms browne

  • Wow! Chloe these images are so beautiful! And this wedding is just amazing! The green dress is incredible - I love! x

  • serena said:

    Beautiful. Such relaxing textures and atmospheres. Love these super elegant shots. The one of the bride going up the stairs is stunning, she looks like a goddess in some Renaissance painting. Gorgeous.

  • Such a beautiful wedding, LOVE LOVE the B&W shot of them walking away from the camera holding hands. You've totally done a very gorgeous couple justice, and especially that JP green goddess of a dress! x

  • Rosie said:

    Wowee what a beautiful wedding and superbly photographed! Love all of these and her dresses are absolutely stunning. Gorgeous work! xx

  • Tenielle said:

    Oh. My. Gawsh. This looks like a magazine shoot.... seriously.....they are gorgeous, her dress.... the green one. I need it. NOW! They look like models. It looks like a fashion spread. You are divine Ms C!

  • Lisa said:

    wow Chloe, I love these pics! You must have had fun taking these photos as everyone looks gorgeous. I love both dresses, they are amazing! I envision another magazine spread with these two...

  • Britt said:

    Oh Chloe, my goodness, what a beautiful wedding to photograph, your & their style matched perfectly. Congrats to the couple and congrats to you for producing amazing photos again.... xoxo

  • leah said:

    I dont even know these people but i can feel the emotion of the day. so lovely

  • Lisa Devlin said:

    Ohh, the beauty and the emotion. You are a true inspiration and I very much look forward to meeting you in 2011. x

  • David said:

    Love the shots with the car in the background Chloe! Beautiful colour, really glowing!!

  • philippa said:

    Chloe! Thank you so so much for posting our very beautiful photographs! We had such a perfect day and we're so glad you could be there with us-it wouldn't have been the same without you!! Thank you also to everyone for the lovely comments- all down to Chloe Browne who is amazing!! Wishing you the best for all your 2011 weddings! x x x

  • courtney said:

    Love this wedding. Happy New Years to you!

  • Julia said:

    LOVE this wedding just sent you a mail about it xxx

  • This wedding screams style, style, style. As ever whenever I stop by your blog I am blown away by the quality of the images. Looking forward to seeing what you do in 2011.......

  • Chloe your photos are just stunning. Love all the emotion and feel of your photos. Beautiful!

  • Chloé said:

    Thanks so much for all of the loveliest of comments, guys! They are a pretty gorgeous couple in fairness, with amazing sense of style. Wishing you both a fantastic first year of marriage, James & Philippa!

  • Just discovered your work and I'm glad I did! Your images are absolutely gorgeous. I love your attention to detail and the candidness of many of your images.