One day in October, in the centre of town, Amy & Duncan got ready, arrived and said vows. Before friends and their family, their loved ones and mates, they made a promise of union and an unending date. They kissed and we clapped, a tear may have been shed, they drank and they laughed, as do newlyweds. An evening of celebration and of wishing them well, my hundred or so favourites, their short story they tell.

Thank you both hugely for being beautiful to photograph, for wearing spats and a killer dress, for being in love and for choosing me.

Venue: The very eclectic Union Club Soho, London. 

The past week has been a busy one of editing and meetings, album designing and accounts… there’s always plenty to do when you’re self-employed and the quieter, colder months of the year are no exception. There was a wedding at Petersham Nurseries and one by Em at the lovely Nonsuch Mansion for the gorgeous Erica & Jay, a family portrait session and the standing by of a new arrival. Elijah’s expecting a sister

Up next is a bright and beautiful wedding in Spain photographed by my newly engaged and oh-so-talented Emma Jane. Think blue skies (think hard), palm trees, a beautiful bride and a rather dashing groom.



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