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AN ODE TO 2012

Sometimes when life gets busy, it’s easy to forget, the people and the places, the dusks and the sunsets. Those days through the year when you felt your heart beat, huge smiles from new people you were quite lucky to meet. Be still for a moment, just sit and recall, reflect on the absolute beauty of it all. Life is quite frantic and at times it’s quite sad, but these are the memories that make our souls glad.

This year I’ve been invited on a number of days, with camera in hand and finger ablaze, to witness small fragments of love and sheer bliss, a sum of thirty-eight weddings and they looked a lot like this…

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One afternoon with sunshine, a day in late May, I drove all the way to Sussex to photograph a wedding day. Ollie & Mels declared their union be one, so we all came together and smiled in unison. Some words were exchanged, hands were squeezed in delight, it really was so beautiful to watch these two unite.  Two families together and a plethora of friends, a party for two people and a dance at the end…

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In the summertime, when we still had lots of sunshine, Tiffany & Albert flew to London for a holiday and got in touch for a portrait session. I suggested we take their photos in Richmond and so we had a chilled out afternoon walking along the river all the way down to Petersham and back. Two perfect strangers even invited us into their beautiful house overlooking the river, to make use of their balcony. It was a calm, sweet afternoon.

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Megan & Nathan got married on a sweet, still day in May.  I started the morning with Megan at the Haymarket Hotel where she was getting ready with a pretty little entourage of glamorous friends and family.


Thank you Meg & Nate, for inviting us as guests and for having me photograph your lovely wedding.

In the five weeks since I last blogged, I have photographed four weddings in London, a wedding in Tuscany and a wedding in Rome atop a castle. I’ve been to the south of France, fallen in love with St Tropez, photographed an intimate elopement, flown back to Tuscany to photograph another sweet little wedding, and spent two glorious days in the unexpected London sunshine with a wedding at Northbook Park and a very first True Mod wedding.

We’ll be making up for lost time next week with a glamorous wedding in Provence, full of sunshine, smiles and our ever-gorgeous Georgia.