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I was really thrilled to have been asked to contribute some advice to You & Your Wedding’s photography special and especially honoured to see that my thoughts were sat alongside some very highly esteemed UK photographers too.

Wedding photography is obviously hugely important to me, but whether I’m photographing your wedding or not, I still want you to have beautiful photos. Those are heirlooms you’ll frame and hang and share, so they should be beautiful. Over the past 50 weddings, I’ve learnt that every single wedding is different, but having guidelines to work with for your photos certainly helps. The article covers all sorts of aspects like deciding on a style, choosing your photographer, allocating a budget and most importantly, timings. Pick up a copy of the most recent You & Your Wedding for some invaluable advice.

I’m heading to Edinburgh at the end of the week, for a very lovely country wedding at Lennoxlove House. I returned home from Crete this morning fresh off an Easyjet red-eye, to a huge mountain of editing and emailing but it’s always so good to be home.