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A beautiful weekend on the French Riviera, in the mountainside village of Eze, a couple in love stand beaming and blushing, amidst their families and all of their friends. We dined and we cheered, Nouvelle Vague filled the air and a bride shone her smile cheek to cheek. The sky stretched proud over St Jean Cap Ferrat, three shades of blue I could see, champagne was drunk and kisses exchanged as the sun set slowly in the sea…

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One day in Covent Garden, I met a couple quite head over heels. We spoke about their wedding, shook hands and agreed a deal. I would travel out to France for them and photograph their wedding, and they would smile and laugh all day, show me their happy ending. To Provence I went, excited, with those lovely Lavender & Rose girls, so I hope you can see what a perfect day it was, as their beautiful story unfurls.

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