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When it’s cold and it’s cloudy and the sun sets in the day, and it’s too dark too early and snow’s on it’s way, you declare you hate winter and you’ll move to warmer climes and spend the rest of your days living in summertime… and then there are these two and they marry in London town and the sun makes it’s debut just before it’s heading down, and suddenly everything is really quite fine and you decide to wait it out until that Great British springtime.

I have quite a love-hate relationship with winter, which mostly lies heavily on the hate side of things. The cold and the frost and the dusting off the faux fur and the boots and the heater and the dark at 3pm… and then just when you think you’ve had enough, there are daffodils and afternoon rays and that one sunny morning where you got your freckles back.

I’m photographing my first spring wedding of the year this afternoon and I couldn’t be more excited. I’ve taken a few weeks out lately to spend time with my family and have also squeezed in time for a few film family portrait sessions, with a little help from my new best friends at UK Film Lab. I’ve also had time to catch up on all the things I leave til winter, like kissing friends’ brand new babies and reading Vanity Fair… Maybe winter isn’t quite as bad as I like to make out.